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NIH Public Access Policy

What is the CCCSG?

About the Grant

The Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), also known as the Core Grant, is awarded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and provides major funding for many of MD Anderson's core facilities. MD Anderson authors should always cite the CCSG (P30 CA016672) as a source of funding for all clinical trials, protocols, and IRB studies or if they have utilized any of the core services. This applies only to research publications and does not include book chapters, commentaries, or editorials.

The acknowledgment should be listed as follows:

  • Supported by the National Institutes of Health/NCI under award number P30CA016672 and used the [name of the CCSG shared resource(s)]*

*if applicable

More Information 

The CCSG is managed by the Office of Translational Research. More information about the grant, including a list of core resources, can be found on their SharePoint site > Cancer Center Support Grant.  Questions about the grant should be directed to Shreya Kanodia at