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Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Collection: How to Search the Collection

Searching with Topic Codes in the Digital Archive

Searching the Digital Archive

When searching the Oral History Collection in the Historical Resources Center's Digital Archive the use of the collection's coding system can help refine your search results.  

Beginning with an advanced search allows you to search the coding field of the collection.  

  • Select Advanced Search from the Home screen of the Digital Archive
  • Select The Exact Phrase from the first dropdown menu
  • Copy and paste a topic code from this page into the advanced search box 
  • Selecting Coding from the second dropdown menu
  • Add another field if necessary
  • Click the Search button

*The Digital Archive will not allow you to search by Coding field once you are within a search.  You must continue to use The Exact Phrase, the topic code of your choice, and then the All Fields field to refine your results further within the search.

A-Codes: The Interview Subject’s Story

A: Character, Values, Beliefs, Talents

A: Personal Background

A: Professional Path

A: Inspirations to Practice Science/Medicine

A: Influences from People and Life Experiences

A: Faith

A: Military Experience

A: Experiences Related to Gender, Race, Ethnicity

A: Definitions, Explanations, Translations

A: Finance, Entrepreneur, Biotechnology

A: The Researcher

A: The Clinician

A: The Administrator

A: The Educator

A: The Leader

A: The Mentor

A: The Philanthropist/Volunteer

A: The Patient

A: Obstacles, Challenges

A: Contributions

A: Activities Outside Institution

A: Career and Accomplishments

A: Post Retirement Activities

A: Professional Values, Ethics, Purpose

A: Critical Perspectives

B-Codes: The Story of MD Anderson

B: MD Anderson History

B: MD Anderson Snapshot

B: MD Anderson Impact 

B: Institutional Processes

B: Devices, Drugs, Procedures

B: MD Anderson Culture

B: Working Environment

B: Institutional Mission and Values

B: The Business of MD Anderson

B: The MD Anderson Brand, Reputation

B: Building/Transforming the Institution

B: Multi-disciplinary Approaches

B: Growth and/or Change

B: Obstacles, Challenges

B: Institutional Politics

B: Controversy

B: Education

B: Research

B: Care

B: Survivors, Survivorship

B: Prevention

B: Ethics;

B: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Religion

B: Industry Partnerships

B: Beyond the Institution

B: MD Anderson and Government

B: MD Anderson Product Development and IP

B: MD Anderson in the Future

B: Critical Perspectives on MD Anderson

C-Codes: Key Stories

C: Discovery and Success

C: Healing, Hope, and the Promise of Research    

C: Human Stories

C: Offering Care, Compassion, Help

C: Patients

C: Patients, Treatment, Survivors

C: Cancer and Disease

C: This is MD Anderson

C: Funny Stories

C: The Value of the Oral History Project

C: Dedication to MD Anderson, to Patients, to Faculty/Staff

C: Personal Reflections, Memories of MD Anderson

C: Portraits

C: Formative Experiences

C: Discovery, Creativity and Innovation

C: Faith, Values, Beliefs

C: Evolution of Career

C: Professional Practice

C: The Professional at Work

C: Collaborations

C: Leadership

C: Mentoring

C: Obstacles, Challenges

C: Controversies

C: Experiences of Injustice, Bias

C: Giving Recognition

C: Critical Perspectives

C: Women and Minorities at Work

C: The Life and Dedication of Clinicians and Researchers

C: Volunteers and Volunteering

C: On Texas and Texans

C: Donations, Gifts, Contributions

C: MD Anderson Past

C: Understanding the Institution

C: The Institution and Finances

C: Research, Care, and Education

C: Diversity at MD Anderson

C: Education at MD Anderson

C: MD Anderson Impact

C: Patients, Treatment



D Codes: Issues and Perspectives

D: On Research and Researchers

D: Understanding Cancer, the History of Science, Cancer Research

D: The History of Health Care, Patient Care

D: Politics and Cancer/Science/Care

D: Technology and R&D

D: On the Nature of Institutions

D: Business of Research

D: Fiscal Realities in Healthcare

D: The Healthcare Industry

D: On Pharmaceutical Companies and Industry

D: On Faith, Hope, Values, Beliefs

D: Ethics

D: On Philanthropy and Volunteerism

D: Women and Diverse Populations

D: On Texas and Texans

D: Cultural/Social Influences

D: Global Issues –Cancer, Health, Medicine

D: On Education

D: On Care

D: On Mentoring

D: On Leadership

Search and Use

The Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Collection can be used in a variety of ways; not only to comment on the past, but to address the present and future of the institution.

Please browse through our Topic GuidesInterview Navigation Materials, and the Using the Collection page to get an idea of what the collection has to offer.

Visit How to Search the Collection if you are new to using the Digital Archive.

All requests for copying of materials must be submitted to the Historical Resources Center in writing for approval. All reproductions will be handled by HRC staff. Authorization to publish, quote, or reproduce must be obtained in writing by the Historical Resources Center.


If you have inquires or need assistance with the collection, please contact:

  • Javier Garza, MLIS, CA
  • Tacey Ann Rosolowski, PhD