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Zoom Basics

Virtual Backgrounds

Want to add a virtual background to your Zoom call? Here are some free backgrounds to choose from:

Prepare Participants for the Session



  • Send agenda/material with hyperlinks ahead of time
  • Create an opening slide with a visual diagram of the virtual meeting features and expectations

Engage Participants

  • Welcome participants verbally if possible
  • Conduct non-verbal check-in at the start of meeting by asking a question

Be Transparent

  • Create virtual meeting norms or netiquette
  • Guide participants about the actions you take/expect them to take
  • Roll model expected behaviors

Create the Optimal Environment

Room Advocacy

Set Expectations for Students


Polling can be used in education to:

  • Evaluate students' understanding
  • Obtain anonymous feedback
  • Ask for opinions
  • Assessment

Breakout Rooms

Only the host can assign participants to breakout rooms. The maximum number of breakout rooms is 50.