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EndNote X9

Finding Your Journal Style in EndNote

To Find Your Journal Style in EndNote: 

Can’t find your journal? EndNote has over 6,000 styles available to download.

  1. First, search for your journal style in EndNote. Use the pull-down menu to Select Another Style.
  2. Click here to view screenshot of step 1

  3. A small window will pop-up and you can choose your style. If you do not see your style, move on to screenshot of step 3.
  4. Go to Search for your journal name and select Apply. When you find your journal name, click the Download button.
  5. Click here to view screenshot of step 3

  6. You will be prompted to open or save, choose open and the style template will open in your Endnote library.
  7.  In EndNote, go to file, save as and save the style as the journal name so you can find it again. You can then close the style template by using the small “x” in the upper right-hand corner.
  8. Click here to view screenshot of step 5

  9. Your style will not automatically appear in your Word document. In Word, go to your style menu and Select Another Style. Choose your style.
  10. Click here to view screenshot of step 6

Video Instructions


Format In-text Citations

Once you have selected the correct EndNote style in your Word document, check your in-text citations. Do they match with the author's guidelines? Most in-text citations will appear in one of three ways: 1) a superscript number after the citation; 2) a number in parentheses or brackets; 3) the author name and year. 

  1. Review the journal's guidelines and/or a current issue of the journal. Identify how the journal would like the in-text citations to appear.
  2. When citing multiple references in the text, check for gaps between the in-text citations. If you see gaps between your numbers, you may need to remove an extra space. 

Note: If the in-text citations are showing up in braces like this, {Delphine, 2016 #14}, this means the formatting is turned off in EndNote. To turn the formatting back on, go to the EndNote tab in Word and select "Update Citations and Bibliography". More instructions here.

Update Journal Names or Term Lists

Some publishers require citations to include the full journal title, while others require abbreviations. To address this issue, EndNote uses term lists. The term list corrects journals names and abbreviates them appropriately. If you have multiple EndNote libraries, you will need to import the journal term list separately for each library.

To Update your Journal Names or Term Lists:

  1. In EndNote, go to Edit, Preferences, select Term Lists. Uncheck the boxes for Update lists during data entry and Update lists when importing or pasting references. Choose Apply and OK.
  2. Click here to view screenshot of step 1

  3. Next, go to Tools, Open Term Lists, Journals Term List.
  4. Click here to view screenshot of step 2

  5. In the Terms tab, select all journals (Ctrl +A) and click Delete Term.
  6. Click here to view screenshot of step 3

  7. In the Lists tab, select Journals and click Import List.
  8. Click here to view screenshot of step 4

  9. Select Medical.txt and choose Open.
  10. Click here to view screenshot of step 5

Find Reference Updates

Skim your bibliography. If a journal article is missing citation information (i.e. issue, volume, date), use the Find Reference Updates tool to fill in missing information.

  1. Open the EndNote library connected to the document you are editing. Select the reference you wish to update (it should be highlighted blue). Choose ReferencesFind Reference Updates.
  2. Click here to view screenshot of step 1

  3. EndNote will check for reference updates. If it finds changes, a new box will open highlighting available changes. Choose whether you would like EndNote to Update All Fields or Update Empty Fields
  4. Click here to view screenshot of step 2

Missing URLs

Skim your bibliography. If you entered a reference in manually, make sure that the URL is showing correctly in the bibliography. 

  • If you located a reference on a website outside of a database, you will need to cite the reference as a Web Page. Open the EndNote library that is connected to your Word Document. Double-click on the reference that is not appearing correctly in your Word bibliography. 
  • A new window will open. Make sure you have selected Web Page as the Reference Type
  • Make sure you have a URL and Access Date entered into the correct fields.
  • Close your reference and go back to your Word document. 
  • Go to the EndNote tab in Word and choose Update Citations and Bibliography. 
  • Review the reference in your bibliography to make sure it is accurate. 

Bibliography Margins

The margins of your bibliography are set by the style you select in EndNote. To change your margins, you must edit your style.

  1. Open EndNote. Go to Edit, Output Styles, and select the style you are editing.
  2. Under Bibliography choose Layout
    • At this point you can choose All paragraphs next to Hanging Indent to indent all of  your references in line.
    • You may also change the space after the Bibliography Number

    Click here to view screenshot of step 2

  3. Select the X to close the style. You will be prompted to save Choose Yes.
  4. Select your style in your Word document for the changes to show. 

        Video Instructions