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NIH Public Access Policy

What is My NCBI?

NCBI is a free account in PubMed. Your NCBI account is used to create a bibliography of an authors publications as well as track NIH Public Access Policy Compliance (aka PMCID's).

Anyone can create a free NCBI account. MD Anderson authors should login to NCBI with their eRA Commons credentials and delegate access to supporting staff. Here are instructions for delegating an NCBI account to support staff. Once an account has been delegated, the delegate will be able to see the authors My Bibliography and SciENcv profiles.

How to Sign Into My NCBI

How do I sign into NCBI?

  1. Go to PubMed.
  2. Sign into NCBI through PubMed using an eRA Commons ID.
  3. If you don’t have an eRA Commons ID, create a free NCBI account by selecting Register for an NCBI Account.

How to Create a My Bibliography

Each NCBI account has a My Bibliography. To manage someone else's My Bibliography (aka, a Faculty member's My Bibliography), they must first make you a delegate in NCBI. Once you are a delegate, you can login to your NCBI account, and you will see the author's My Bibliography in a list titled Delegated Bibliographies.

Add Citations to My Bibliography

  1. Go to PubMed. Login to NCBI. Select My NCBI in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Under My Bibliography, select the Bibliography name you wish to edit, or if you are modifying your own bibliography, select Manage My Bibliography.
  3.  Click on the blue Add Citations link. Select PubMed.
  4. Search for the author by last name and first/middle initials. Or, enter for the article title and select Search
  5. Check the box/s next to the article/s you wish to add and choose Add to My Bibliography.


How to Get a URL for My Bibliography

My Bibliography can be made Public or Private. To include a link your NIH biosketch, you will need to make the bibliography public.

1. Sign into NCBI. It is best to use an eRA Commons Login if you can. (PubMed will reroute you to their homepage. Select My NCBI in the upper right-hand corner.)

2. Select Manage My Bibliography. If you are supporting a Faculty member, bibliographies will appear under Delegated Bibliographies.  Select the Bibliography you wish to edit.

3. Choose make your bibliography public. A pop-up will ask you if you are sure you want to make the bibliography public. Choose Ok.

4. A URL will appear underneath "Share your bibliography with this URL". The URL is permanent. 


Check Compliance in NCBI

Use My Bibliography to track publications and compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. This will only work if the author has logged into NCBi using their eRA Commons account. 

  1. After logging into NCBI, select My NCBI, Manage My Bibliography or a delegated bibliography.
  2. Compliance status' are noted in red, green or blue boxes on the right hand side of each article listed in the bibliography. 
    • Red with a ? = non-compliant or not defined; needs to be checked in the NIHMS system. These submissions most likely need to either be submitted or approved.
    • Red with a ! = non-compliant; needs to be checked in the NIHMS system. These submissions most likely need to either be submitted or approved.
    • Green = compliant; no other action is necessary
    • Blue = In process; needs to be checked in the NIHMS system, and possibly approved.
    • Gray = Not applicable; these are exempted from the NIH Public Access Policy due to applicability.


Add or Remove Awards in NCBI

Use My Bibliography to Add  or Delete Awards in NCBI. To add awards, My Bibliography must be connected to the eRA Commons. The eRA Commons is connected to My Bibliography if you see the eRA icon at the top of the bibliography.

To add or delete awards:

  1. Select My NCBI, Manage My Bibliography (Note: You can also select a delegated bibliography).
  2. To add an award, select Add Award. Select the award listed under the NIH Awards tab, or select Search/Add other awards to find an award not listed.
  3. To edit an award, click on the link indicating the number of awards, and select or de-select the appropriate awards.

To indicate that there is no NIH funding attached to the publication:

  1. To indicate that the publication was not supported in whole or in part by the NIH, select Edit Status, and choose Yes or No.
  2. If you choose Yes, select the best choice:
    • Begin submission to NIHMS - This means that you have started the submission process in NIHMS
    • The citation has been submitted. NIHMS ID - Enter NIHMS ID you received when you submitted the manuscript in the NIHMS system. the this means that you have submitted to NIHMS and you are waiting for NIH to review the submission. 
    • Arrangements have been made for a publisher on this list to send the final published article directly to PubMed Central - This means that the publisher has agreed to submit on behalf of the author. Authors should have made these arrangements with their publisher during the publishing process. You may need to contact the publisher to confirm if you are not sure.
    • This citation does not need to be submitted under NIH Public Access because - select the appropriate reason from the list.