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NIH Public Access Policy

Acknowledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)


MD Anderson's Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) is awarded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and provides major funding for many of MD Anderson's core facilities. 75% of MD Anderson research is supported by the CCSG. MD Anderson authors should always cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA016672) as a source of funding for all clinical trials, protocols and IRB studies or if they have utilized any of the core services. This applies only to research publications and does not include book chapters, commentaries, or editorials.

MD Anderson authors must list the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA016672) in the manuscript’s funding acknowledgement section when submitting a research manuscript to a journal for publication. Many publishers will deposit the manuscript to the NIHMS system on behalf of the authors if this acknowledgment is made.

  • Example Acknowledgement: This research was funded in part by the NIH/NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA016672.

Aquire a PMCID (Ask the Publisher)


All MD Anderson authors are responsible for ensuring that their published research papers have a PMCID. Authors can ask the publisher to submit on their behalf. Note: If the publisher is unwilling to submit on behalf of the authors, they will have to submit through the NIHMS System.

When contacting the publishers please provide the following information:


(Self Archiving means that the author must submit the manuscript to NIHMS. Deposited by Publisher means that the publisher will assist the author by submitting the manuscript to NIHMS, but the author should still check the NIHMS system to approve these publications.)


*Publishers who deposit on behalf of authors, require the author to cite the grant in their manuscript and/or make an official request during the submission process.

For a list of journals that automatically deposit to PMC on behalf of authors, click here: PMC Journals

Associate the Grant to Each Publication in NCBI


My NCBI allows authors to track their publications and their compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. Authors can track compliance through the My Bibliography tool in My NCBI. To do so, authors must login to NCBI with thei eRA Commons credentials, add publications to their My Bibliography, and associate the appropriate grant with each publication (steps below). 

  1. After logging into NCBI, select My NCBIManage My Bibliography or a delegated bibliography.
  2. Compliance status' are noted in red, green or blue boxes on the right hand side of each article listed in the bibliography. 
    • Red with a ? = non-compliant or not defined; needs to be checked in the NIHMS system. These submissions most likely need to either be submitted or approved.
    • Red with a ! = non-compliant; needs to be checked in the NIHMS system. These submissions most likely need to either be submitted or approved.
    • Green = compliant; no other action is necessary
    • Blue = In process; needs to be checked in the NIHMS system, and possibly approved.
    • Gray = Not applicable; these are exempted from the NIH Public Access Policy due to applicability.
  3. Associate a grant by selecting + Add Award and selecting the appropriate award. Awards are pulled from the connected eRA Commons account.


Approve Submissions Through NIHMS

Authors should sign into their NIHMS account often (at least once a month) to approve any article submissions that may be waiting. Review the Needs Your Attention tab or the Stalled Tab to see if there are any additional steps you need to take.