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Library Essentials for Administrative Assistants

Contributions to Science

The Contribution to Science section in the new NIH Biographical sketch aims to give researchers a place where they can describe five of their most significant contributions to science. Each contribution entry has two parts: a description and relevant references of up to four peer-reviewed publications.

  1. To enter a description, choose edit. Each description should include: the historical background that frames the scientific problem; the central findings; the influence of the findings on the progress of science or the application of those findings to health or technology; and your specific role.
  2. To add relevant citations from My Bibliography for each contribution, click Select citations. Select up to four citations to be displayed.
  3. You can create up to five tabs by selecting Add another contribution. The tab display order can be changed by dragging and dropping each tab. Contribution tabs can be removed by clicking Delete this contribution. To save edits, click Done.
  4. There is also an option to include a URL to your My Bibliography collection of published research. Selecting this option would make your My Bibliography collection public.