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Library Essentials for Administrative Assistants

Work Experience, Professional Memberships, and Honors

The section titled Positions and Honors consists of three parts: employment, other experience and professional memberships, and honors. If you linked your eRA Commons or ORCID account to My NCBI, the work experience section of SciENcv will be automatically populated for you.

  1. To add an entry under each section, select add one. Enter your past and present employment, work experience and professional memberships, honor society memberships, honorary titles and other honorary awards. For multiple entries, click Save & add another entry.
  2. To edit or delete an entry, hover over the selected work experience, professional membership or honor and click either Delete or edit.
  3. In SciENcv there is an option to hide entries. If you want to print or share your profile, but only want selective content to be displayed, click Show/hide entries. Uncheck the checkbox next to the entry you would like to hide, and select Done.